Candle Massage

Candle Massage

  • Candle massage uses specially formulated candles that are made from pure essential oils. These candles can be incorporated into the massage in various ways. Burning the candle's organic oils release relaxing odors, providing aromatherapy. The melted oil can be used for massage as well as moisturizing the skin.

    Candle massage can enhance your feeling of wellbeing and produce a positive transformation in your life because it improves your mental, physical, and spiritual states. Candles can impart a sense of comfort and serenity, helping to calm your nerves, unwind, and clear your mind.

    The candles are also available for sale.

  •   ‎30min ‎£30
      60min ‎£45
      90min ‎£55
      120min ‎£65

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